As the Dr. Harper series comes to a close, I would love to continue sharing stories with you on Reddit. I think now more than ever, we need some imaginary escapes.

I'm an author, and I've had two unpublished books sitting in my sock drawer for 5 years.

VOTE below on which one sounds more interesting to you, and I'll start releasing new chapters each week!

First option:

The Psychopath Cure

(Psychological / Political Thriller)

Two years after his sexting scandal swept the nation, disgraced congressman Ben Starback returns to the spotlight—this time, claiming he's been diagnosed as a psychopath.

Following months of intensive therapy and medication, he shocks the country again by announcing his bid for presidency. Between his newfound conscience and his intimate knowledge of government corruption, Ben picks up unexpected momentum as the 'Edward Snowden of Capitol Hill'.

But one person doesn't buy any of it. Not for a second.

Still reeling from a crippling Xanax addiction, Annie Starback knows that her sadistic ex-husband is not the man he's pretending to be. And so she takes it upon herself to expose him for what he really is: a dangerous and manipulative predator.

As she spirals further and further into a frenzied paranoia, the reader will be left wrestling with the most volatile question of all... Is Annie out of her mind—or is Ben about to pull off the greatest con in the history of American politics?

And the second option:

Surface Wars

(Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic)

Dare just discovered a hidden tunnel in the pantry of his family's underground bakery. And suddenly, his life in subterranean New America goes from dirt boring to dangerous.

While investigating the dark passageways, he meets an orphan boy named Kadyn who’s lived out there his whole life. Thanks to all those years in isolation, he’s oblivious to the cruel social norms of high school. So for once, Dare’s not a punching bag—and in turn, he couldn’t care less about Kadyn’s total lack of people skills. Together, they explore the extensive network of tunnels and start to map out a secret world of their own.

But the fun ends when they stumble upon an abandoned laboratory far beyond the city limits. Here they begin to piece together a forgotten past and learn that they were both subjects of a genetic experiment—an experiment that rendered them immune to the contagion at the Earth's surface.

Problem is, someone else knows about the experiment. And now that someone wants them dead… to keep the human race below ground forever.

If Dare and Kadyn want a shot at freeing the people, they'll have to fight their way to the surface where it all began.

Which Do You Want to Read?